Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoe Dazzle

I LOVE this site!! I love the price point and that every month I get a to choose if I like the shoes or not!! I found a pair of over the knee boots for only $39.95!! I have been looking for tall boots for months and could not find a pair in my price range that I liked!! I will post pictures as soon as they get here!!! soo go check it out, you can sign up and not get charged till your first order!! Put you can pass on every month if you would like, you can get up to 10 shoe options a bags & more!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Oprah's Master Class... Let me just say I am LOVING this show!! I have watched Jay Z & Loren Micheal's so far and have a couple more on my DVR....I watched Loren Micheal's today and really enjoyed it. It made me remember all the memories that SNL plays a part in. For many years EVERY Saturday night was spent with my cousin Rebekah watching SNL, I miss the way that friendship use to be, because as we know we all change as we get older. I think SNL helped to form some of my sense of humor, I can be very tacky and no holds bar in my jokes. I LOVE my sense of humor and wit. That last sentence is a part of my new year, I am going to say what I like about myself and not care if others think I am being conceited or egotistical. How are we to love who we are if we are taught that speaking highly of your self is cocky, conceited or rude??? How am I to teach my kids to love themselves if they are not supposed to say what they are good at?? Why did this become a bad thing?? It took MANY years for me to take a compliment or to believe that at face value instead of just wondering what that person wanted from me. So no more of that and I challenge all of you to embrace and SAY what you love about yourself!! Hell I say brag a little if you really want...TOOT YOUR OWN HORN!!! no one else can live your life for you so why do they get a say in who you are???