Monday, March 14, 2011

Now I am starting to feel it!!

2 weeks ago my son was diagnosed with Asperger's. Now I am not having issues emotionally dealing with this, I love him no matter and will strive to make him the best him he can be!! I am currently trying to find some summer activities to get him into and to start his therapy and social work, but here in Northern IL I am finding BUPKISS!! To say that this is pissing me off/annoying me would be a good call. There are camps but they cost in the THOUSANDS for a week or two and are over 40 mins/miles away which with gas prices where they are adds hundreds more onto the cost!! I am not working and if I was he couldn't go to any of the camps anyways!! So I am thinking I will be looking for support groups for me so I can network, more then to talk about how he is and my feelings about the whole thing. I am very very luck to have a WONDERFUL child. Honestly for a child with ADHD& Asperger's he is very well behaved at home, our biggest issues are mornings & getting him to clean his bedroom!!Don't get me wrong we still have lots of work to do, but at home we just know what works. Now outside of the home he is still a wonderful child but you can see the social delays come out a lot more and the change issues. I am just getting very frustrated!! Cade is a "mild" case of Asperger's, so the special needs camps are not for him. Hopefully I can get this all worked out and set by May because that seems to be the cut off for all of these camps. Well wish me luck I am off to do more searching!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Super Cade!!

My amazing son will be shaving his head this sunday!! It is for a great cause and he is soo excited about it!! I am just amazed at when a little man he is becoming but yet he is still such a child at heart. He is my monkey and always will be, he is my first born! the one i worry about his heart being broken or feelings getting hurt! he is so sweet and just wants to be everyone friend!! he will play with younger kids and teach them new games when all the other "big" kids are to busy. He is my math wiz!! he can do stuff I can't even grasp, not that that is saying much I am HORRIBLE at math! He was funny and did say that no matter how much money they offer him he is keeping his eye brows!! Last year at the same St. Baldrick's Event his dad let them shave off ALL the hair on his head!!! I just wanted to share a bit about my wonderful guy!!