Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Every song a memory...

This morning while I was at the kids school setting up a Sundae Bar for the teacher's in honor of Teacher Appreciation week, the aid from Cade's class was having her sundae as my friend Pat turned on music for the teachers to enjoy. The aid says there is no way you guys know this song, it was James Taylor's Fire & Rain, the conversation went on about age and such. I said I have a varied taste in music because I have older sisters and my mom always listened to music, she said her parents did not so she didn't really know music till high school!!!!

That thought was just CRAZY to me!!

Music is so woven into my life that I don't think I have gone a day with out it. I love when a song comes on that brings up a memory some good, some GREAT , and some I wish I no longer had!! I think everyone does that, hears a certain song that will make you remember a person you will never forget and the ones that you can't!!
I think I was in my late teens when I learned that someone was in the kitchen with Dina not Ina (my aunts name)!!
Still to this day when I hear someone whistling a song it makes me think of my Grandpa and sitting in his kitchen while he cooked something yummy!!
Kenny Rodgers will forever be burned into my head as Saturday Morning cleaning music, since it is what my mom would play!
I have songs that when they come on I have to call my cousin Rachel and play them to her!!
When at a wedding that one song that all my sisters and I HAVE to dance to!!

I am passing this love onto my kids and they already will say "Remember when we danced to this on the deck or when we were on our way to Grandma's we sang this."

So take this moment and listen to your iPod on shuffle and see how many times your songs can make you smile!!!

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