Saturday, May 21, 2011


So while thinking about the impending end of the world I have decided today's blog is going to just be very random things that have brought me joy, laughter, peace and love during my time on earth.....

First would be my Monkey & Babycakes.. I can not even go into words what they mean to me and there is NOTHING that I wouldn't do for them, as crazy as they make me I can not imagine who I would be without them!!

My family!! the WHOLE HUGE lot of them!! Who could ask for more??? I know that at any moment I have at least a dozen or more people who LOVE me!!! It is truly a blessing and I hope that they all know how much they mean to me!!

My Carrie & Rachel...these girrls I mean there is so much I could say & share but can't because my lawyers have advised me not!!

Haley & Melissa...ohh the time we would have!! I miss them, we need to take a car ride!!

Cathy my partner in sooooo much debauchery!! I REALLY can't share those stories..unless you get us drunk and ask!!!

Haley, Tracy, & Sarah... you are my childhood!! I remember sooo much fun and again trouble we would have!! Ask Sarah about the slap!! The old lady telling us she would burn down our house!! running away to under the Koolocks (sp??) stairs...gathering all the pennies and change we could find to go to the drug store!! Rotten Tomatoes!!

There are so many memories I have with my cousins that I can not even begin to list them but here are just a few...
Bekah & worm man
Sunni & the baseball bat
NY with the Lofgren's & the things my ears will never forget hearing
Kelsey & holding her when she came home!!
Linnea & a hell of a night out!!!
Meghan & the honor of being in her wedding

Brian, well I don't know where to even start, together we made 2 beautiful children and we have lasted almost 12 year!! You are a HUGE part of the grownup(gasp) I have become..THANKS

My parents... who showed me that you do not need to have enemies!! what knowing you are loved means and that even though you may not talk to or see someone for a bit does not mean they aren't there for you!! What sacrifice REALLY is and just how much you will give to make your kids happy!! I thank you for ALL you did and still do for us!!

My Grandma's... they are both amazing wonderful women who taught me to love myself and God!! How to give and care with a firm hand but never hurtful. I admire both of them for all the did for my Grandfathers!!

God... I may not be the most outspoken person on religion but I believe and love God. I know that something put me here and I fully embrace that being. I talk to god and share my hopes & fears. I may not go to church but I pray for my soul and the souls of the ones I love everyday if not more.

If this is the last day of our world I wanted to let you all know that you were loved!! I also am at peace with knowing that I will once again see many I have loved and lost over the years, and that is a blessing to me!!

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